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Ltd Link delivers quality Internet development on time and on budget. Below are just a few of the sites we have created which offer different features for different business needs.

We recently started on creating mobile-web friendly websites since research shows that nearly one-third of the world population use their mobile devices that can easily connect to the internet. And the numbers of mobiles that are web-enabled are twice as much as the number of computers and laptops that are connected to internet. And this number is only going to increase in the future. Therefore having a mobile website would become a necessity rather than a luxury.

Above all, having a mobile-web friendly websites gives you an edge over your competitors.

(Click thumbnail to view actual site. Site will open in new window)

This is the mobile-web friendly website for Yogurt Time business.
As you can see this is a toned down version of the full site for the customers to retrieve the needed information quickly from their handheld-devices.


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