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The process of creating a Web site falls in several steps:
     Strategic Brief
             Overview of Project
             Project Objectives
             Target Market
     Detailed List of Deliverables
     Creating Storyboard

     Creating Page Mockups

Strategic Brief

Overview of Project

We create a brief description of the Web site. Describe what the mission of the site is and include information about the look and feel of the site.

Project Objectives

We write 3-5 goals for the Web site. Find out what the client wants to accomplish with this site so we can give it to the client.

Target Market

Our Web site should meet the needs of the "target market". We find out who are we designing the site for. Certainly it will be designed for the client but even more importantly is designing for the typical visitor.

List of Deliverables

Most clients do not know what a web site or web page is. List of deliverables will show clients how many pages are going to be created including a specific and detailed information about each page.

Creating a Storyboard

Because web sites are such a "new media", the client can often be confused about the pieces of a web site fit together. The storyboard for the site can provide a picture which allows the client to see what the site will contain and how it will be organized.
A storyboard will contain:

     a flowchat of all pages included in the Web Site
     description of the content for the opening screen
     description of the content for the second level pages
     description of navigation for the site

Creating Mockups

We create a photoshop document which represents the look of the first, second level pages. The overall mockups will include:

     a mock up of the layout for the opening screen
     a mock up of the layout for the second level pages
     color scheme of the site

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